Friday, August 5, 2011

Taggy Friday!!!

That is TaGGy Friday not TaCKy Friday. But hey, if you want to do Tacky Friday that is cool too, it just isn't what I'm talking about here today.

SO either you know what a taggy is and know that it can be as important as any other baby paraphernalia like bottle warmers, diaper cream, and pacifiers. Or you have no idea what a taggy is and you would like me to educate you. 

Why yes...yes I will.

I am not sure where the taggy originated but I first learned about it a mere year or so ago at a baby shower for my precious twin nephews. At this shower there was an adorable 8 month old little girl named Emmerson, who had a brightly colored blanket looking thing with all of these ribbons sewed to the edge. According to her sweet mommy, little Ems loved the thing and she didn't go anywhere without it. I was intrigued. To my luck the twins Nana made them their first set of taggys and so I got a first hand tutorial. 

It wasn't hard for me to decide that taggys would be a perfect addition to the CocoLemon line. So without further ado, here is the CocoLemon version of a taggy blanket!

I have seen taggys made out of a multitude of materials ranging from burp clothes (aka cloth diapers), to polar fleece, to all minky fleece. I make mine with one side minky fleece (super soft plush fleece) and the other side flannel backed satin. It makes for the most cuddly soft little taggy blanket ever!

So happy Taggy Friday everyone!

And if you still want to do Tacky Friday here you go...

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  1. YAY!! I am the first follower!! Love you and of course I love your creations.