Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Help

I just finished reading this book a few days ago and I loved it! I have wanted to read it ever since Nate Berkus put it on his list of favorite things in the back of Elle decor (or some similar publication) last year. 

Then I really really wanted to read it after I found out that it was going to be made into a movie. I have this thing about reading books before I see the movie version. I wouldn't even watch the movie trailer to The Help before I finished the book, which was getting harder by the day. Now that I have finished the book, and I have allowed myself to watch the trailer, and I am excited to see it on film. I think the cast looks solid and I can't wait to see how true to the book the screenwriters stayed. 

I also am excited about seeing the 1960s era costumes and set design. The book itself was very detailed with the character development but didn't go into great detail about the setting of Jackson, Mississippi. And although the wardrobe choices of the characters were often mentioned (especially the protagonist Skeeter Phelan) I can't wait to actually see how the costume designer puts it all together. 

I don't usually see movies by myself, but maybe I just might have to make this an exception as a rainy Wednesday activity!

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